Sunday, May 30, 2010

Allograft, day seven

A week has passed since my surgery, and not much has changed. I have begun limited range-of-motion exercises, which is more work for Crista than it is for me. She removes my immobilizer and then tries to bend my knee into a 90 degree angle. It's not easy for her,as my leg weighs a lot, is large and bulky, and doesn't have much flexibility right now. My rehab is turning out to be as much of a workout for her as it is for me. All I do is hurt a lot.

I'm still taking oxycontin and percocet, and I have to admit I can see how people can get addicted to that stuff. However, my prescriptions have no refills, so I need to start slowing down the intake before I run out and have to quit cold turkey.

Even though I'm supposed to rest, I'm going stir crazy trapped in the house. I am a people person, and I need to interact with others again soon. I'm getting bored. My wife is wonderful company, but I'm sure she's getting sick of me by now. I feel guilty relying on her so much. I need to get up and about for both our sanities.

I really hate that tomorrow is Memorial Day, and for the just the second time in my adult life, I won't be grilling out. My favorite thing to do is cook and eat outdoors, but tomorrow, my grille will be silent and cold. Now that's just sad.

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