Monday, May 24, 2010

Knee surgery in T-minus six hours

It's just after midnight, and I find myself wide awake, knowing that in fewer than 6 hours, I'll be going under the knife for an allograft, which is the scientific name for cutting into the bone of my knee, removing my existing ACL and replacing it with the ACL from a cadaver.

I had knee surgery back in December, on the same knee, for what the MRI technician said was a torn MCL and LCL. It turns out that the technician did a crappy job reading the MRI. The LCL was torn, and repaired by my surgeon, but the MCL was actually fine. However, the ACL, it turns out, was shredded beyond repair, which necessitated this second surgery.

The recovery on the first surgery wasn't that bad. I was up and walking within a couple of days, and had full range of motion within a month. However, everything I've heard and read about this surgery indicates it's going to be a much, much more difficult road to recovery, and hence my apprehension and insomnia.

I'll post updates to this blog as pain and time permit. If you are interested in following my recovery, keep an eye on this blog.

Oh well, on the plus side, I should have time over the next couple of weeks to clear out nearly 90 hours of unwatched shows on the Tivo.

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