Thursday, May 27, 2010

Allograft, day four

OK, so I skipped day three, but there wasn't much to report. I had my post-op doctor's visit, where I learned I needed five incisions, have approximately 12 staples in and around my knee, and had two holes drilled in my bones. Oh, and I learned I have to keep this immobilizer on for at least two more weeks, which means no showers! I am going to be ripe. Plus, have you ever tried sitting on the toilet in an immobilizer? That is not fun.

The doctor said my surgery went as well as he expected. There had been some additional tearing of my LCL, so they repaired that while they were in there. I should start PT after my next doctor's appointment on June 8.

If you want to see photos of my knee from the doctor's visit, check out my Facebook profile.

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