Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New job underway

As many of you know, but some may not, I got a job! It's not permament, and it's not the perfect situation, but it is employment.

I am now the Interim Director of Student Publications at Northwest Missouri State University. It's a one-year appointment for which I may apply for the full-time appointment; however, some things have to be worked out first. The location is Maryville, Mo. Right now, that means I live apart from Crista and Duncan during the week, and commute back to Indianola on the weekends. With Crista's job at Wells Fargo going so well, and Duncan skipping the eighth grade, we felt now was not the time for a family relocation -- particularly for a one-year appointment!

Should I apply for the job full time, there are other considerations. There's really nothing in Maryville for Crista. I mean, nothing. Outside of the University, this town is a black hole of employment. Businesses are closing up shop left and right, and vacant properties are everywhere. The University had a number of layoffs itself in spring (a plight I am all too familiar with), but at least here, the layoffs seem to have been targeted and involved a campus-wide reorganization and restructuring. The opposite of Simpson College, where a bunch of lazy administrators took the easy way out and made no substantive changes.

Additionally, the health insurance here is abysmal. I've never worked anywhere with such a bad health plan. Everyone I talk to has a spouse working somewhere else with better insurance (which is my case with Crista). If we were to be on the family plan here, more than half my paycheck would be taken to pay for the plan! It's insane! So, that may be the deal-breaker in terms of me working here full time. We'll see.

But at least I'm working this year, which is more than I can say for many of my former friends and colleagues at The Birmingham News.