Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six months and counting

Well, it's been almost seven months since Simpson College cut my position due to funding issues, and I'm still in the hunt for a job. My two best prospects came up empty -- one was filled by an alumnus, fundraiser and big-time donor to the college, which made me question why the search was conducted -- and the second search was placed on "indefinite hold" due to budget problems of its own. It's a shame to see the economy having such a negative impact on higher education.

As a result, I've expanded my search beyond higher ed. As much as I love teaching and advising students, something I think is my first, best destiny, I do need a job. I remain a journalist at heart, so whatever job I pursue will have that as a focus. I don't think you will see me flipping burgers anytime soon, at least, I hope not.

In the meantime, I am working hard at my other passion, connecting students with internships and entry-level jobs. My @comminternships feed and blog continues to grow. Now, if I could only find a way to monetize that thing....