Sunday, June 6, 2010

Knee update

I made my first foray outside the house other than a trip to the doctor today, going to church and then out to lunch. It was a painful, but worthwhile, experience. I was just so tired of being trapped inside the house. I've been trying to layoff the pain medications because of how groggy they keep me.

The knee is definintely getting stronger. I'm still stuck in the immobilizer, though. And my exercises outside the immobilizer make me incredibly sore. It's amazing how tight the knee is. And the damn staples are itching like crazy. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday, when I hope to lose the immobilizer. I am also supposed to start physical therapy at the end of the week. I am down to one crutch. I hope to be off of them completely in a week or two. I'll give another update after the doctor's appointment on Wednesday.

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  1. Hey Steven! Catching up on your blog and just read about your new position in Indianola. Congratulations! I am somewhat familiar with Indianola. Growing up, I had an aunt & uncle who farmed near there. We visited them during the summers and went to an annual hot air balloon race in Indianola. We're in Galesburg, IL now - not too far away. Maybe we can visit sometime.


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