Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The knee is on the mend

It's been a while since my last blog post, but I wanted to give everyone a knee update. I've been hitting physical therapy really hard since the brace came off last month, and I have nearly regained full range of motion in the knee. I've been cleared to walk up and down stairs, and even though it's still painful to do so, I'm trying to do so as often as possible to strengthen my knee.

The PT has me working on a strengthening regime that has me pressing weights with my leg. I've nearly doubled what I can press with the bad knee in two weeks, which is way ahead of schedule. I don't think they realized just how strong my legs were to begin with, especially since they were unable to get a baseline weight strength on my good knee, because it was stronger than their machine could measure. So, the goal is for me to be able to leg press 250 pounds and call it good.

My last local PT visit will be next Thursday (Aug. 19), and then I load up the truck and move to Indianola to join Crista and Duncan, whom I moved up July 31. Then, I have to find a new PT and orthopedic surgeon to continue my treatments there. That should be just delightful.

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