Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well, the election is over

And none of the candidates I supported won. In fact, as is always the case in Murfreesboro, it's simply the elite who get elected. To make it worse, they are legacy elections. For some reason, this town thinks that only the children of former elected officials should be elected to office here. It's ridiculous. And, based on the interactions I had with several of them, they think it's their birthright. They don't care about the town. They only care about preserving their family's legacy.

It's pathetic. I truly believe the current makeup of the Murfreesboro City Schools Board, led by the dictator that is their director, dooms our children to a mediocre education at best for the foreseeable future. The only member of that board that I believe cares about the best interest of children is Nancy Duggin, and sadly, she's very much the minority on that board.

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