Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Murfreesboro City Elections Experiment, Day Five

My original blog post has been updated with three more responses. I heard from City Council candidates David Boyce and Brian Vaughn, and from School Board candidate Eric Newell, Monday.

I also learned through a Sam Stockard column in the DNJ that City Council candidate Bill Shacklett has dropped out of the City Council race -- after early voting had already started -- to declare as a candidate for the 34th District House race, after incumbent Rep. Donna Rowland dropped out at the last minute as part of a plan to ensure there would be few, if any, Democratic opponents for a weak Republican candidate. Shacklett, however, has not advertised this, and is still receiving votes that should be going to other candidates, since he has no intention of serving the term. I am appalled by that.

One depressing trend is emerging: Most of our candidates are grammatically illiterate.

Updates as events warrant.

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